Unique wide range PDF report
We will compile a detailed summary for you and / or your designated IT specialist. You will be able to know the weaknesses of your system and invest more power on “sick” parts and will not waste time pushing your system with general upgrades. You can save money and time.

SQL and XSS based webpenetration testing, manual scanning of source code (until 20 sub pages).

✔ Version-based
Manual version-based debugging by &

Public database-based
Comparing with hacked sites databases

Spam list-based
We will check your servers, are they on the spam list. This may cause uncertain or lengthy delivery of your mail, as well as a seemingly unlucky ranking in the search results of Google and other search engines.

+Gratis hacking trends 2018-19′
Our clients receive an up to date video for free from our current hacking trends, which explains web security trends in comprehensible language. The video also speaks of different and ever-changing ways how to optain money on darkweb.

Website vulnerability check-up during the action only for 69€

Our service includes accurate and detailed debugging, exploration and comprehensive expert reports.
The service not contains the recovery of vulnerable areas and failed parts of code. Send the penetration report as soon as possible to your webmaster to improve your vulnerabilities. We will also make your website safe, if you order it. By clicking on the Order button you will get a short contact form please fill it. After that one of our colleges will get in touch with you soon.

We provide a 30% discount for the recovery of your hacker attacks on your site after you order our service. Read more about our Hacking decontamination service here.

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