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Overall websecurity investigation manually
In many countries 74% of the websites getting cracked in the first 2 years of running. Most of the breaks can only be noticed when the signs already appearing such as the website is slow,strange advertisements showing up, e-mails are coming back often.Websites subpages after loading redirecting to unknown pages.
But these are not the only symptomes.
69.- €
Constant Protection
If you're tired of constantly checking that your site is might be cracked,you can avoid the trouble.
With that service you could be avialable
for your customers all the time!
69.- €/month

* You do not have access to any of the editorial interfaces of the Web page when we testing. When we work on your site, we do not make any changes to the Web page. We test it by external means only. When we working on page, we not cause the Web page to fail.
* * To “Hacking off”-services we have the access the site administrator and/or Cpanel.The sensitive data please do not send ordinary correspondence. Send privnote.com page link to a special email address.
***DDos and other enhanced server load priority attack tests can be started after full system-wide written confirmation. (Owner/Owner circle, Web portal and server/hardware operator’s written approval)

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