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If you have a clear signs that your website is under attack, ( for example deface ),or your pages loading slowly,or Google give warnings to your visitors,strange advertisings appear on your main or sub-pages,your e-mails late or not arriving on a regular basis…


Don’t panic!

98% of the cases the problem look worst than the issue itself. Your supplier probably has the backup for months retroactively about your web repository-data base. In many cases we could help without these. Our specially written scripts are able to clear out the MD5 hash codes under minutes,after that we check the bad sectors,codes manually. Our investigation expands to JS,PHP,Python,possibly the modificated plugin based shell stocks,also restoring the operability of your website.

After we have acces to the server, in 98% of the cases your website will be operational in 3-4 hours. However, it is important to know….


Please mind that all the vulnerabilities are not completely covered with this service.As far as possible we are using defensive settings based on the acces and Cpanel.As well as scanning,refusing repeated login requests.Or basic protection against rainbow table based cracks,also the limitation of the VPN/Proxy based visits by hackers from abroad.

This is basically means that we are simply give a “first aid”,to your website,so it will be operational again,but we didn’t prevent all the intrusion activities.
If you are not suffering a targeted attack,your website still able to run for weeks,months. However it’s like an old car which needs more and more repair,intervention,which could cause you some extra costs.


Our “Hacking off” service requires administrative and / or Cpanel access. We can start our work after this.

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